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25 Jan.  / ¡ÚNews¡Ûupdated -'Marginal Lives' is on 'Le oeil de la photographie'.

02 Jan. / A Happy New Year, 2014!


20 Sept.  / ¡ÚNews¡Ûupdated -'Unstoppable' will be included in PHOTOVISA, Russia  

10 Aug.  / ¡ÚNews¡Ûupdated -'Unstoppable' will be included into the projection BIFB '13, Australia' 

30 Jun.  / ¡ÚNews¡Ûupdated -'Unstoppable' was on 'Le Journal de la Photographie'

05 May.  / ¡ÚNews¡Ûupdated -'Unstoppable' will be included in BIFB2013!

13 Apr.  / ¡ÚNews¡Ûupdated -My exhibition in LA is soon! 

11 Mar.  / ¡ÚNews¡Ûupdated -'Unstoppable' will be exhibited in MOPLA!


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